Vector graphic

Technical visuals


Vector graphics use mathematical definitions to create geometrical objects such as points and lines defined in terms of width, height, curve, ratio and proportion.


It is resolution independent and can be magnified infinitely without loss of quality.

Reveal hidden features and unique functions of your product, show new perspectives and help your customers understand to an increasingly complex world.


Use technical visuals in manuals, company publications, corporate websites or advertising.

Showing the directions in unfamiliar transport environments is a challenging task involving detailed and precise planning.


In combination with vector graphic, technical visuals and advanced graphic tools the process is an effective part of wayfinding planning. 


In 2014, after years spent in sign industry in Slovakia and UK, I decided to set myself up as independent freelance graphic illustrator.


I work in 2D and 3D environments and can help you with your technical art needs, creation of your production artworks and visuals to specific standards, guidelines, styles or original graphic content for company publications.


When your workload demands someone to be a reliable part of the team with responsive and professional approach, contact me to discuss your project or to enquire about availability.


I worked on number of major infrastructure wayfinding projects, some for clients listed here:


Miroslav Legen - 3dex


Rudohorská 33

974 11 Banská Bystrica

Slovakia 47717971



+421907 235 628


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